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SA State Championship Results

PostPosted: Mon 28 Aug 2006 2:15 pm
by Jean Bird
SA State Championship held 26th and 27th August 2006 at Morgan, South Australia.

JUDGE: Mr. Noel Eltringham (Vic)

1st Place - Ntl.Rt.Ch.Beereegan One Tree and Mark Davis 263 points
2nd Place - Gr.Rt.Ch. Kaemajae All Black and Joe Vella 254 points
3rd Place - Rt.Ch. Kadnook Tanks Aheap and Bob Tawton 221 points
4th Place - Rt.Ch. Horrissapit Surprize and Ray Ashenden 212 points
5th Place - Gr.Rt.Ch. Kadnook King of Kanbera DM and Bob Tawton 207 points

There were 14 entries but Jack Lynch had to scratch his dog due to a disability. Hope the dog is well on her way to a full recovery Jack.

Five finished the trial. 1 dog failed on the the first run. 3 failed the second run, 2 were out on the third run and 1 on the 4th and 5th run respectively.

Excellent and testing runs were put on by the Judge and there was some excellent dog work too. The weather too was perfect.