Qld State/National Report No.1

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Qld State/National Report No.1

Postby Julian Bielewicz » Sun 22 Aug 2004 4:33 pm

National/Queensland State

Report No1

Well, we’re within a week of the Queensland State Retrieving Trial Championship and within a fortnight of the National. Matters are coming to a head. I’ve just returned from a dress rehearsal (on using bird throwers correctly and in the use of ‘walkie-talkies’) with the Golles and had the pleasure of seeing one State entrant in action, go Buzz!

I am informed that there are 39 entrants for the State and 42 for the National – but of course some of these will be doubling up in both championships.

The birds are ready and someone did whisper something about rabbits but that may be a secret I shouldn’t be letting out of the bag! Or is that cats that are in a bag? I don’t fancy the idea of retrieving pussy, but we’ll leave that there as this is an open forum accessible by children of all ages and adults of varying maturation.

I learn that Geoff Cole will not be trailling and that saddens me. I was looking forward to seeing a four-times National Champion in action. Still I look forward to perhaps saying “Hello” to Geoff and the other entrants and former champions – six of those I believe will be in attendance!

Not many takers on my challenge to name your bets for this year’s title - and I always thought Australia was a nation of gamblers????????????? Perhaps the whisper of pussies in the bag has deterred many from venturing forth.

Anyone have any other gossip related to the State/National? If you prefer anonymity you could always email me privately with your gossip/tidbits (titbits? Or is that also dangerous territory?). Oh dear!

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Postby Prue Winkfield » Mon 23 Aug 2004 9:19 am

Good report Julian - sorry I will miss the rest as am off to the UK in a couple of hours - good luck to all and no doubt my spies will keep me posted!
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