Retrieving Club of WA All Age on 2/9/17

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Retrieving Club of WA All Age on 2/9/17

Postby Marilyn Dawson » Mon 04 Sep 2017 9:34 am

The Club held thier All Age stake, the Linc Sullivan Memorial Cup, their last trial for the season today, at property at Jennacubbine, thank you to the property owners. Huge thank you to all the helpers today, Anne, Dennis, Kirsty, Katie, Eleanor, Jacinata, Mike, Marilyn and everyone who help carry the equipment etc and our great chefs, Sandra, Kelly and Bryan.
Beautiful day except of the freezing cold wind.

Judges: Mr M. Mason (SA) & Mr R. Courtman (WA).
Chief Steward: Mrs Louise Adams.

22 Entered, 3 Scratched and 1 Withdrew, 11 finished.

1st - RTCH Tirnanoge Knight Rider -LRB with Malcolm Tyrie on 209 points.
2nd - RTCH Tirnanoge Darlin Emmi - LRB with Malcolm Tyrie on 196 points.
3rd - RTCH Adderslot Tuscanys Arrow (AI) - LRB with Russell Whitechurch on 192 points.

Best Non-Champion - Ozzie of Aberdeen (Imp UK) RRD ORA - CSD with Mark Jackson on 140 points.

Best Veteran - RTCH Truclass The Whiz Kid (AI) - LRB with Kerry Webster on 175 points.

Winning Team -No 3
RTCH Tirnanoge Darlin Emmi with Malcolm Tyrie.
RTCH Truclass The Whiz Kit (AI) with Kerry Webster.
RTCH Boomermagic Haloween Hero with Allan Bartram.

Congratulations to all the winners and finishers.
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