Tasmanian Retrieving Championship Results

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Tasmanian Retrieving Championship Results

Postby Georgina Golle » Wed 08 Nov 2006 12:00 pm

Would someone kindly post the results of the 2006 Tassie Cup and the Tasmanian Retrieving Championship.
Georgina Golle
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Postby Gareth Tawton » Wed 08 Nov 2006 12:51 pm

Hi Georgina,

Someone from Tassie might get you the finer details but I have these.


1st Susie Partridge
2nd Anna Playdon
3rd Jordon Castles

Tassie cup Judge Trevor Stevens
1st Bob Tawton Tank
2nd Mark Davis Swampy
3rd Jack Lynch Fern

Tassie Champ judge Bob Tawton

1st Joe Vella Blackie
2nd Mark Davis Swampy
3rd Noel Eltringham Tike
4th Russel Kennon Kita
5th Jack Lynch Fern

With the results of the last 2 championships of the year came a little Australian retrieving history.

After winning the Vic Championship last weekend, King became the first dog to have won everyone of the state titles during his career. Fittingly Blackie's win the next weekend made him the second dog to have ever achieved this feat.
I have had the privelege of watching both of these great dogs through out there careers and there is no doubt in my mind they are both 2 of the greatest dogs this country has ever seen. To watch them compete head to head has allowed me to see some truly great dog work over years. Still being competitive in their ninth and tenth year respectively is a testament to their breeding and training. Now in the twilight of their careers they will also be remebered as 2 of the best dogs to have never one a national both having been runner up at some stage.

Congratulation Bob and King, Joe and Blackie :!: :!:

Gareth Tawton
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Postby Allan Bartram » Wed 08 Nov 2006 3:30 pm

What a fantastic achievement by both Bob & King and Joe & Blackie...I can only endorse the comments made by Gareth having had the pleasure of judging both dogs on several occasions. They both certainally rate amongst the best dogs I have ever seen.
Once again hearty congratulations to you both

Allan Bartram
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