GSP Vic January results

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GSP Vic January results

Postby Diane McCann » Tue 31 Jan 2023 9:52 am

GSP Vic January Trial - It was great to get this trial off the ground with the co-operation of judges who agreed to travel to the trial site with the risk of Saturday's competition being cancelled due to extreme heat. Luckily this did not occur, both days of trialling went ahead with 7am starts, and with ample shade and water all dogs and handlers coped very well.
Thank you to the handlers who presented for vetting the night before or at 6.30am as requested, everyone appreciated the early finishes. Thanks to our amazing property owners who always make us feel so welcome and go out of their way to prepare the property for our use. Results below.
NOVICE - Judge - R. Whitechurch
1st - C. Hyde - LEOLITA CHIEFS SHADOW (Lab) 183 pts
2nd - S. Luck - Stedipoint Aunt Evie (GSP) 173 pts
3rd- J. Macris - Vadaszlangol - Custer (Vizsla) 167 pts
4th – C. McDonald - Dawnsio My Heart Song (Cocker) 165 pts
RESTRICTED - Judge - D. McCann
1st - G.Hartney - Nativerun Bontessa (LAB) 156 pts
2nd - M. & W. Davis - Beereegan Double or Nothing NRD (LAB) 148 pts
3rd - R. & V. Thomas - Oakridge Walkure NRD (GSP 140 pts
4th - S. Luck - Finepoint Hi Flex (GSP) 129 pts
ALL AGE STAKE - Judge - G. Tawton
1st - J. & A. Hargreaves - RT CH Ellishea Rips Chevrolet (GRD) 149 pts
2nd -K. Andrews RT CH Adderslot Riby (LAB) 147 pts
3rd - R. Ashenden - GR RTCH Nativerun Angus (LAB) 145 pts
4th - M. Stockdake - Flynnmac Flynn RRD (LAB) 143 pts
NOVICE - Judge - G. Tawton
1st - C. Hyde - Leolita Chiefs Shadow (LAB) 164 pts
2nd - J. Macris - Vadaszlangol Custer (Vizsla) 111 pts
3rd - J. Patrick - Beereegan Bushranger NRD (LAB) 108 pts
4th- G. Horgan - Leolita Mr Beau Jangles (LAB) 103 pts
RESTRICTED - Judge - Jim Hargreaves
1st - D. Blacker - Saetta Elan - (GSP) 178 pts
2nd - C. Hyde - Leolita Chiefs Shadow (LAB) 166 pts
3rd - R. & V. Thomas - Oakridge Walkure (GSP) 161 pts
4th - G. Hartney - Nativerun Bontessa (LAB) 156pts
All AGE - Judge - G. Allen
1st - R. Ashenden - GR RT CH Nativerun Angus CM (LAB) 166 pts
2nd - R. Whitechuyrch - Ntl RT CH Adderslot Maggie May DM (LAB) 165 pts
3rd - M. Stockdale - Flynnmac Flyn RRD (LAB) 142 pts
4th- R. Whitechurch Flynnmac Im The Boss (LAB) 137 pts
Yorifeld Novice Trophy - C. Hyde – Leolita Chiefs Shadow
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