Matching Gundogs with People
By Joe Law

24 July 2013

Successful training of dogs requires matching the right dog with its handler and vice versa.  That is why before choosing a dog with which you will spend the next ten years or more of your life, it is important that you carefully consider your own objectives and expectations.

MatchingGundogs come in a variety of breeds, all with their own special breed characteristics.  Furthermore, even within each of these breeds, there will be further varieties of temperament, athletic ability, biddability and ease of training.  That is why any choice should be matched to the objectives of the owners as well as to significant others who will be involved in the dog’s future life.

If a dog’s future is to live in a home and be a companion to a family with differing ages with differing desires and expectations, then the choice will need to be different from one where only one person’s expectations need to be considered.
If the dog is to spend a large percentage of its time in a small urban dwelling with only occasional visits to rural environments, then there are breeds with specific characteristics that would make them eminently more suitable to that environment, when compared to dogs bred and raised in kennelled rural environments and trained for only a specific type of work.

Therefore, before choosing a puppy, carefully look at your own personality and list exactly what your objectives will be in your relationship with your new dog.  Then, and only then, carefully proceed with research of the breeds that best match your objectives. Then finally search for a reputable breeder who has a history of breeding the type of dog that will increase your chances of being happily matched to your new canine partner.

This is an edited version of an article that first appeared in the November 2013 issue of Dogs NSW magazine.

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